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The 5 Best Weather and Wind Apps to Explore Crete

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If you are about to embark on a trip to the charming island of Crete, make sure you have the right tools to safely navigate through the various weather conditions that the island can reserve.

Weather and wind apps can be your valuable allies while exploring this land rich in history and natural beauty.

Here is my selection of the best apps you should never miss on your mobile device while exploring the wonders of Crete.


This app is your reliable companion to monitor the wind in real time. With an interactive map and detailed forecasts, Windy allows you to view wind patterns, storms and wind direction wherever you are on the island.

  • Interactive maps with detailed wind forecasts in real time.
  • Wide global coverage, ideal for travellers exploring different areas of the island.
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • The free version may have some limitations compared to the paid version.
  • Requires an internet connection for full use of the features.


Windfinder is another excellent resource for sailors and water sports enthusiasts and beyond.

  • Complete database of local weather stations and long-term forecasts.
  • Detailed information on wind, waves and tides.
  • Possibility to compare different weather stations for better planning.
  • Presence of ads in the free version.
  • Some advanced features may require a premium subscription.


When it comes to reliable and detailed weather forecasts, AccuWeather is a popular choice among travelers around the world. This app keeps you informed about the weather conditions in every corner of Crete.

  • Detailed weather forecasts and real-time updates.
  • Weather alarms for emergencies.
  • Wide geographical coverage.
  • Presence of advertisements.
  • Some features may require a premium subscription.

For those who prefer a local application, offers accurate forecasts for all of Greece, including Crete. With a wide range of features, is a reliable companion for planning your outdoor activities on the island.

  • Specific weather forecasts for Greece, including Crete.
  • Detailed information on hourly forecast and weather radar.
  • Weather warnings for emergencies.
  • Less intuitive interface than other apps.
  • Some advanced features may be available only in the premium version.


The Poseidon system is a marine environmental monitoring system, forecasts (weather, ocean, state of the sea, ecosystem) and information system for the Greek seas. It is accessible through browsers and provides information in English and Greek. You can navigate across different screens that show wind on the surface, rain, temperature and cloudiness. It also provides data on wave patterns, sea level and salinity.

  • Accessible free of charge through browsers, making it easily available to users without the need to download a dedicated app.
  • It provides a wide range of information on marine conditions, including wind, rain, temperature and more.
  • Available in both English and Greek, making it easy to use for a variety of users.
  • It offers detailed forecasts on various variables, including waves, sea level and salinity, useful for anyone exploring the waters of Crete.
  • It does not offer the convenience of a dedicated mobile app, which could be a disadvantage for users who prefer to use mobile devices.
  • It may require a stable internet connection to access real-time forecasts, limiting its usefulness in areas with poor network coverage.
Poseidon map to keep you updated on weather and wind conditions in Crete


The inhabitants of Crete have always had a special relationship with the sea and weather conditions, reflecting their strong connection with nature and the surrounding territory.

Did you know that wind is an essential element in the culture and history of Crete?With fascinating names like “Meltemi” and “Sirocco”, the wind has shaped the island’s traditions, everyday life and activities for centuries. In addition to being an ally for sailors, the wind has also been celebrated in Cretan legends and folk tales, giving a unique charm to life on the island.

The “Meltemi” wind, for example, is known to refresh summer days and make the air more pleasant.
The “Sirocco” wind, also known as the “desert wind”, can bring with it sand from Africa, creating suggestive atmospheres and unique landscapes along the Cretan coast.

Before you leave for your trip to Crete, be sure to download these apps on your mobile device to enjoy the best of the island safely, regardless of weather conditions.

Whether exploring hidden beaches or visiting millennial archaeological sites, being prepared is the key to an unforgettable adventure in Crete.

With accurate forecasts and real-time information, you can enjoy every moment of your Cretan experience, leaving you enchanted by the beauty of the island without worrying about the weather.

Good trip and good exploration!

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