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AllTrails: The app you need to have to explore the trails of Crete

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If you are a lover of nature, hiking and trekking, AllTrails is an indispensable application for you: offers a wide range of useful features for travelers looking for adventures in nature. I tried it and found that it also includes some trails from Crete.

Here’s a complete overview:

Main Features:

  • AllTrails provides detailed paths maps, user reviews and photos, and allows travellers to plan excursions according to their preferences and physical abilities.
  • With the built-in GPS feature, you can track the route during the excursion and share your activities with the community.
  • The app offers filters for searching paths by length, difficulty and other criteria: this way it is easier to choose the routes.
  • AllTrails provides detailed paths maps that can be downloaded for offline use. Users can create and customize their own trail lists and download their respective maps to view them offline.


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface, suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers.
  • Wide geographical coverage, including Crete, with a wide selection of trails to explore.
  • User reviews and photos provide useful and real information about the paths: travelers can make informed decisions.


  • Some advanced features, such as offline maps, trail previews, 3D Maps, the ability to inform you about conditions before you leave, the choice to receive alerts when you go wrong way, are only available with a paid subscription.
  • GPS accuracy may vary depending on the connection and signal coverage, especially in remote areas.


AllTrails offers a wide selection of trails not only for hiking, but also for other activities such as cycling and running: is therefore versatile for a variety of outdoor adventures.

Useful information for travelers to Crete:

AllTrails can be useful for travelers to Crete who want to explore the island’s interior and discover panoramic and remote trails. Thanks to its wide selection of trails and user reviews, hikers can discover hidden and authentic places of Crete, away from the busiest tourist areas.


In practice

When you enter the application, it suggests you the paths close to where you are. You can also search on the map and enter the route details. At that point you are provided with some pictures and lots of interesting information: the difficulty of the trail, the length of the path, the level displacement, the average time required to travel it, the description of the route, the preview of the track.
You can also see the forecast weather conditions for a week, including temperature, sunrise and sunset times, and even forecasts of temperature swings based on altitude and time of day.
The app also provides information about the soil conditions and the possibility that mosquitoes are present.
Once you have chosen the path, you can share your path in real time and start going along it, along with the app, which keeps you informed about the time spent, the distance traveled, the displacement, the remaining distance, your speed, the coordinates. It also allows you to add your own landmarks. If you try to start the trail but you are not in the right place, the app tells you and proposes to give you directions to get to the starting point.

If you do not have enough free features, you can try the premium app for 7 days for free and the paid version is not expensive (29.99 per year – verified on 21.3.2023).

There is also the website, and you will find a page dedicated to the best trails in Crete.

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